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Even if you have no product to sell, no experience to speak of, or no technological skills

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Student makes over $21,000+ in a month copying-and-pasting the methods which I showed him in short 90 minute session!

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Ajmal made $1,000 in the first few weeks of working with me! Simple 3 step process that made him succeed wildly!

19 Year old student, Xuan Ying made 700% return of investment every project, deal or offer he does with me

Jax Ng, Internet marketer for a long time coming and consistently makes 500% returns of investments working with me!

Val owns an agency and used to make a couple hundred a month. After spending a few hours with us, his profits went up INSANELY and make multiple thousands in a single day!

Rupert is a Malaysian Insurance agent. He was never confident in himself and needed someone to really guide him. That's where we came in to help and showed him how to scale his own business!

Joan owns a tuition agency and in just under a month, she spent about $88 on advertisements and made over $2,000 in 4 days from her FRONT END OFFER. Meaning she still is going to make MORE money backend!

John Goh, Agency owner. After 1 hour of sales training made $4,000 in one single sale for his own social media agency.

Xuan Ying again, made his first $1,000 working with me for under 2 weeks. Now has made over $10,000 in a single month!

Brian Si, Agency Owner, made $1,800 in less than 2 weeks working with me and showing him exactly how he can copy-and-paste my own mechanism

Meet Joel Chin: NOT a Born Entrepreneur

I wasn't born an entrepreneur.

In fact, at the age of 19, I remember joining so many MLMs, Online Marketing Schemes, Fake Gurus, etc...

And I burnt all my NS pay away. The little $560 every month was squandered away spending it on all these courses, mentorship programs, accelerators, etc...

Never once, did I make my money back.

Then one day, I remember walking into a room full of corporate people, the boss driving a new Porsche. Me asking one of his employees "How does a man with an online business do that?"

... and his reply still remains in my heart till today.

So I took his advice, went out, start something... and lost big. I remember nights where I had no money and had to beg my parents to borrow Ad money. But I was determined to make it work.

With $30 to my name, I tried this ONE last thing.... and it made me over $50,000 in one single month.

I tried it with someone else... and it made HIM $50,000 in a month.

I tried it again... and BOOM! $10,000 in a single month

And it kept going on and on and on, until finally, I was able to point point what worked and what didn't. Then out came this webinar.

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Proven Hack #1: 

Where to find this READY POOL of HOT clients that are just waiting to get their credit cards swiped, and put money into your bank account!

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How to charge $1,000~$5,000 per month to every single client that you have and get 30+ clients per month 

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Proven Hack #3: 

My exact products and services that I sell to clients that will pay me over $5,000+ per month for!

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After building multiple high-ticket application funnels for my clients and myself, I've decided that I am going to give one of them FOR FREE! 

This is the exact funnel which I used to acquire over $36,500+ worth of cash collected in a month (... and $50,000 worth of recurring payments) and I'll give that to you FOR FREE just to come to my webinar!

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"How to generate leads on autopilot" book (Worth $1997)

If the funnel template isn't enough, I'll also give you my FREE book on how to generate leads on autopilot.

In this book we discuss the workings of lead generation, copy-writing secrets, templates, contract AND MORE!

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